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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Joining the Past with the Future
 Updated 10/26/2021

 Just wanted to give you all a heads up...
sometime in the near future our website will change.
It will be at the same web address, but we are changing hosting companies.
Hopefully our site will be alot more modern and fluid... we work it all out, there may be missing or even wrong information.
(If you want to check it here)
If you notice something, please let us know with an email or a phone call so we can address it quickly
Thank you so much and God Bless!

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Interlachen!
  We are located just north of Advance Auto Parts on County Road 315 in Interlachen, Florida
Our office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9:00 am - Noon
Service times are: 
Sunday School at 9:45am   
Sunday Worship: 10:50am & 6:00pm
Wednesday prayer meeting: 7:00pm
 Call us at (386) 684-4573 or send email to
Hello friends!  I'm Pastor Chris White,
and we here at First Baptist Church of Interlachen welcome you to our web site.
 We have only a brief overview of some of the ministry opportunities which are available
to you here and would like to start out by telling you who we are and what we are about. 
We are a body of believers who enjoy good preaching, good singing, and good fellowship.
 If you are without a church home, or if you feel that God is moving you to a new place of service
 in the kingdom, or if you would like to become a Christian and join a local church, we would
love the opportunity to meet you in person and to say “Welcome”.

October is "Pack-the-Pantry" month
We will have bags available or you can just use your own.
Items must be in good condition (not out of date or open or damaged)
Preferred items include:
canned goods especially canned vegetables, fruits, meats (tuna, chicken, etc), & soups
OR...if you prefer, you can make a simple monetary donation marked "Food Pantry" during October or anytime of the year
Our small food pantry serves many people throughout the year
and it gives us many opportunities to share the gospel!
Help us pack the pantry!

We are pleased to partner with the Putnam County Health Department and provide:

Healthy Choice for Every Adult

Enjoy fun and lively activities with adults! Talk about easy ways to make smart food choices and exercise more. Learn how to improve diet quality, physical activity, and food safety practices, as well as enhance food security and food resource management skills.


Classes began on 10/6
Every Wednesday @ 11:30 - 12:00 a.m.
First Baptist Church of Interlachen115 N. CR 315, Interlachen, FL
Call (386) 326-3277 for more information

  NOTE:  The food giveaway is conducted in a drive-thru style.
Please observe all cones, barricades, etc., and remain in your car while we get everything ready and bring it out.
(Questions?  Call us at (386) 684-4573 or email to 

 We are live streaming both of our Sunday and our
Wednesday evening worship services.
If you would like to watch, please find us on Facebook.

Please know that our NUMBER ONE concern at First Baptist Church of Interlachen is that you know Jesus and have trusted Him (and Him alone) to be your personal savior.  If you cannot look back through your life and find that time when you confessed your sins, asked Him for forgiveness, and made Him your Lord and Savior, then please know we are praying for you. If you'd like to know more right HERE.

This is what the sign over the sanctuary door says. How true it is. Whether you have been a Christian for 100 years, or 3 minutes, we are all a witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of His final words before He ascended into Heaven were “Go” and “Tell”. That’s what we try to do here at FBC Interlachen. Won’t you “Go” with us?



 We invite and encourage you to come and grow and get involved in
what God is doing in the life of First Baptist Church.
Spirit-filled preaching, plenty of service opportunities, and
wonderful Bible studies will help you grow in your walk with the Lord.
Join us this Sunday and see what God is doing.
See our online church calendar for service times and events.

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